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Imuka Access connects entrepreneurs to funding, expertise and business growth support through industry experts and investors.

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150,000+ Client all over the world.

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We facilitate convenient access for enterprises in Africa to business development services and finances through a digitized platform and partnerships.

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Access to finance and Business development support

Struggling to push your business to the next level?
Join a number of businesses to access funding and Business growth opportunities

Connect with a community of growing businesses and get access to funding opportunities and business support services you need to succeed
  • Business idea refinement
  • Investor pitch deck development
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Investment deal validation and profiling

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Business Experts

Discover a network of clients and projects

Ever wondered what you could do with the vast knowledge and skill you possess?
Join our community of industry experts leveraging on our platform to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses

  • Discover a network of clients and projects
  • Financial benefits for your expertise
  • Market opportunity to validate or present investment fit deals
  • Monetize your content/Products

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Discover a network of validated investment ready businesses

Struggling to identify the right business to finance? Discover a network of validated investment ready businesses

Say goodbye to tedious deal sourcing and due diligence processes. We connect you with rigorously vetted and validated investment-ready businesses.
  • Exclusive access to a pipeline of validated deals
  • Deal sourcing of investible deals
  • Pipeline development of potential opportunities
  • Broader reach to target opportunities

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Meet Isabell agol the founder and CEO of Naroho company limited a social enterprise empowering young women and youth in making authentic leather products.

The Challenge

Despite her innovative business, Naroho Company Limited needed a range of support business services to thrive such as; Business plan refinement and Pitchdeck .development

Imuka's Impact

Imuka Access has been her trusted funding partner, and she's also benefited from their expert guidance in creating a robust business plan, a persuasive pitch deck, and personalized mentoring to drive her business forward.


Introducing James, a seasoned business strategist passionate about driving economic growth in emerging markets.


James seeks meaningful opportunities to share his expertise and make a tangible difference.

Imuka's Impact

Imuka Access matches James with promising enterprises, where his insights lead to transformative outcomes.


Meet Sarah, an impact investor looking to foster sustainable development through strategic investments.


Sarah needs a reliable pipeline of vetted, investment-ready businesses with high growth potential.

Imuka's Impact

With Imuka Access, Sarah discovers a curated selection of opportunities, enabling her to invest with confidence and purpose.

How it Works

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Entrepreneurs, business experts, and Investors sign up on the platform and create their profiles. They provide information about their business, expertise, or funding interests.

Access Tailored Support / Personalized business support/ Get support that fits your business needs:

Once registered, entrepreneurs gain access to a range of tailored support services, training and guidance from a curated list of `business experts.

Access funding opportunities

Entrepreneurs are connected with a curated pool of investors seeking to support expansion-stage enterprises in Africa.

You will have a chance to access a variety of services, get connected to business opportunities, get funding and engage an expert to help you through your business needs.

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